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Note: jLug is in no way connected with the Lego company.

News: jLug 1.2 now requires Java3D 1.3 or later. At the time of writting the latest version was Java3D 1.3 beta 1. This is due to Java3D 1.3's support for transparent facet sorting - needed for the transparent colours now available in jLug 1.2.
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What is jLug?
jLug is a virtual Lego(tm) simulator. It allows you to play around with little coloured bricks without spending a fortune. And you never lose bricks down the back of the sofa.

What does it look like?
Take a peek at the screenshots.

How do I install jLug?
jLug requires Java2 and the Java3D library and the LDraw parts library to be installed first. Then just download the latest release of jLug.
If you have any problems with the installation, or running jLug, please post a comment in the bug or support forums.

How do I run jLug?
java -jar jLug.jar

Now, how do I use it?
User guide. Rather brief for the moment, I'm afraid.

The future?
Got any suggestions? See the existing ToDo list first.